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The Whole Litter... by cheeks-74

Before I commence into Critique mode I would like to state this is the first time I have ever done this I am viciously Honest and via the context of the safety of the faceless mass of the internet there are no repercussions on any insulting, or rude Comments I have to say about any dreadful piece of art. Good thing this isn’t the case here. These designs are whimsical, modern, and colorful. When designing characters for a cartoon kid show an artist should have to make the characters likeable, they have to create a design people will love at first glance. And you have accomplished that I believe. The variations of the characters example the ones that resemble bat man and Indiana Jones were quite amusing even cartoons can put on costumes. Your style is very unique and smooth. The characters just flow right of the page. Also it bring a lot of memories when I was seven I would watch a show called swat cats I didn’t like it but for some reason my cat always focused on it intently so I let her watch it and I would watch it with her. And your hope to “make the lines sing” well I shall say only this nod a gyflawnwyd. It’s welsh If you want to know what it means look it up!
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